Is your HOA's internet/wifi system outdated? Reserve Study

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Is your HOA's internet/wifi system outdated?

It is truly a time of crisis and a time for innovation when what’s old fails and what’s new isn’t available. You’ve been living the “distancing” lifestyle for several weeks now, so you know what I mean. I’m sure you’ve experienced your own mini crises when the internet/wifi connection runs too slowly for your needs or drops you altogether.

It can cost $10,000 to update an internet/wifi system for a condo or high-rise building. 

Let’s put your internet/wifi system needs on your Association’s to-do list for your 2020 Reserve Study.

Now is the right time to make your plans and an appointment for your site visit.

We operate on a FIFO basis so be sure yours is at the top of our list!

Call Robbie Pepper, your expert Reserve Study Advisor, at (970) 946-2352.